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Strategic Planning

Collaborate with our Government Sales experts – product readiness, team evaluation, tech and process review, lead generation, SOP mapping, efficiency analysis, forecasting, more…

Gov't Sales Training

GoFed will work with your sales team to facilitate a custom training session for Government Sales. Training can be live or online and archived for future reference. If you have a Learning Management System (LMS), our group can package up the program as a course.

Surrogate Sales Team

Contract with our veteran Sales Team to support your sales efforts. Whether it’s a pair of friendly boots on the ground to escort you into a facility or a complete relay, we’ve got the troops to help.


GoFed has developed a menu of tools to support your sales efforts. This is especially valuable if you are a new company or if you are looking to augment your existing resources. Ask us about our CRM, LMS, PMO, Process Automation, Life Science Industry Training (BioTech, MedTech, Project Mgmt), and more.

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